Significant research and development progress has paved the way for fuel cells to enter today's marketplace for a variety of applications, including specialty vehicles and stationary and portable power. The growing number of innovative technologies, in combination with the federal and state financial incentives available now, are instrumental in supporting the role that fuel cells play in our nation's energy portfolio.

Through its market transformation efforts, the Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technologies Office seeks to promote the early adoption of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies. See the program's market transformation fact sheet.

Accelerating the use of fuel cell technologies in early market applications helps build a domestic manufacturing and supplier base. It also expands the growth of the green job market, with new opportunities in manufacturing, fuel cell maintenance and support systems, and hydrogen production. And by providing reliable field operations data and increasing user confidence, early market demonstrations will help overcome non-technical challenges to the expansion of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies into the broader vehicular marketplace.

Program activities focus on:

  • Demonstrating hydrogen and fuel cell technologies in early market applications for which there is a business case
  • Providing lessons learned on real-world implementation
  • Eliminating non-technical barriers to widespread deployment
  • Increasing opportunities for market expansion.

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