View presentation slides and opening remarks from the Advanced Pathways Panel Session at the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Hydrogen Shot Summit, August 31‒September 1, 2021. Find content from other sessions in the Hydrogen Shot Summit Proceedings.

Opening Remarks

The Honorable Paul Tonko, U.S. Representative (D-N.Y.)

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Advanced Pathways-Opening Remarks from The Honorable Paul Tonko
Hydrogen Shot Summit

Advanced Water Electrolysis

Sanjeev Mukerjee, Northeastern University; Sossina Haile, Northwestern University; Shannon Boettcher, University of Oregon 

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Advanced Conversion of Fossil/Waste Streams

Al Weimer, University of Colorado-Boulder; Eric McFarland, C-Zero

Advanced Conversion of Biomass/Waste Streams

Pin-Ching Maness, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (emeritus); Bruce Logan, Pennsylvania State University 

Analytical Framework

Jennie Huya-Kouadio, Strategic Analysis Inc.; Elizabeth Connelly, International Energy Agency

Photoelectrochemical Processes

Frances Houle, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; Tom Jaramillo, Stanford University

Solar/Thermochemical Processes

Ellen Stechel, Arizona State University; Tony McDaniel, Sandia National Laboratories

A New Generation of Innovation

Huyen Dinh, National Renewable Energy Laboratory; Kristin Persson, Molecular Foundry, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory