View presentation slides and opening remarks from the Thermal Conversion with Carbon Capture and Storage Panel Session at the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Hydrogen Shot Summit, August 31‒September 1, 2021. Find content from other sessions in the Hydrogen Shot Summit Proceedings.

Opening Remarks

The Honorable Dr. Bill Cassidy, U.S. Senator (R-La.)

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Bill Cassidy Opening Remarks
Hydrogen Shot Summit

Thermal Conversion: Integrated Pathway Analyses

Jared Ciferno, DOE National Energy Technology Laboratory; Eric Lewis, DOE National Energy Technology Laboratory

Thermal Conversion: Methane Pyrolysis

Marc von Keitz, DOE ARPA-E; Dane Boysen, Modular Chemicals, Inc.; Peter Johnson, Monolith Materials

Transformational Conversion: Plasma Technologies

Raghubir Gupta, Susteon; Mark Cappelli, Stanford University

Transformational Conversion

Naomi Halas, Rice University; John (Jianli) Hu, West Virginia University; Ian Duncan, University of Texas at Austin; L.S. Fan, Ohio State University

Gasification: DOE/FECM Projects on Gasification for Clean Hydrogen

Dan Williams, Wabash Valley Resources; Horst Hack, EPRI/LCRI

Gasification: Advanced Gasification Pathways to Clean Hydrogen

George Booras, EPRI; Su Yan, Howard University; Rajinder Singh, Los Alamos National Laboratory; Christina Wildfire, National Energy Technology Laboratory; Josh Stanislowski, Energy and Environmental Research Center