Read about the 2022 winners, runners up, and honorable mention recipients of the Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technologies Office (HFTO) Postdoctoral Recognition Award.


Carlos Baez-Cotto Headshot

Carlos Baez-Cotto, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

This award recognizes Dr. Carlos Baez-Cotto for his work in formulating strategies for the large-scale manufacturing of crack-free electrodes for fuel cells. At the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, his work has focused on addressing formulation and processing conditions that enable fabrication of crack-free catalyst layer electrodes, and on mitigating defects that enable increased durability in fuel cells, particularly for heavy-duty vehicles. His impressive work has made notable contributions to HFTO's Million Mile Fuel Cell Truck Consortium. Baez-Cotto has four peer-reviewed publications and has received multiple awards for his RD&D efforts.

Carlos Baez-Cotto's award presentation: Formulation Strategies for the Large-Scale Manufacturing of Crack-Free Electrodes

ChungHyuk Lee Headshot

ChungHyuk Lee, Los Alamos National Laboratory

This award recognizes Dr. ChungHyuk Lee for his work in high-performing and durable electrodes for proton exchange membrane fuel cells. Lee has contributed to proton exchange membrane fuel cell RD&D through fabrication of electrodes with controlled crack density; design of grooved electrodes with enhanced performance; and elucidation of the effect of Co2+ contamination in the electrode ionomer. Lee holds two patents and has published 25 peer-reviewed journal articles.

ChungHyuk Lee's award presentation: High-Performing and Durable Electrodes for PEMFCs

Runners Up

Wenjuan Bian Headshot

Wenjuan Bian, Idaho National Laboratory

This award recognizes Dr. Wenjuan Bian for her work in protonic ceramic electrochemical cells for hydrogen production and electricity generation. Bian has contributed to numerous advancements for reversible solid oxide electrochemical cells, including demonstration of exceptional electrochemical performance at low temperatures (350°C); development and characterization of novel multi-functional electrodes; and demonstration of a high-performance direct carbon fuel cell with a dual-3D electrode. Bian has 25 publications and holds one patent.

Wenjuan Bian's award presentation: Protonic Ceramic Electrochemical Cells for Hydrogen Production and Electricity Generation

Ryan Klein Headshot

Ryan Klein, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

This award recognizes Dr. Ryan Klein for his work in characterizing hydrogen storage materials using neutron scattering techniques. Klein has conducted extensive work in materials-based hydrogen storage research including development of design criteria for new metal hydride materials with greatly enhanced volumetric storage capacities; elucidating mechanisms of hydrogen-induced flexibility and storage in flexible metal-organic frameworks; and publishing a book chapter on neutron scattering measurements for hydrogen storage materials. Klein has 13 publications and has received multiple awards for his RD&D efforts.

Ryan Klein's award presentation: Characterizing Hydrogen Storage Materials Using Neutron Scattering Techniques

Honorable Mention

Chaochao Dun, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Brian Green, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Sichi Li, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Katie Lim, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Peng Peng, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Zeyu Zhao, Idaho National Laboratory