These websites offer educational information about hydrogen and fuel cell technologies.

American Hydrogen Association – This site includes an educational section called Hydrogen Students as well as related features called Build Your Own Fuel Cell and Think Hydrogen.

California Fuel Cell Partnership – Answers to questions such as: What is a fuel cell vehicle? What is hydrogen? How does it work? How many fuel cell vehicles are in California? Are fuel cells only for vehicles? What is the California Fuel Cell Partnership?

U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Kids Zone – Electra, Geo, and Wendy are your guides as you learn more about energy basics through reading and hands-on activities.

Energy Information Administration (EIA) Kids Page – Join Energy Ant, the EIA's ambassador for energy information, as he teaches kids about energy via games, quizzes, experiments, and other fun activities.

Environmental Literacy Council – Includes background information for teachers.

How Stuff Works – Includes a printable version of short informational topic sheets.

Learning about Fossil Fuels – DOE's Office of Fossil Energy provides information for elementary and junior high students on fossil energy sources, such as coal, oil, and natural gas, as well as answers to a variety of questions from Dr. H. Carbon.

National Energy Education Development Project – Includes Energy InfoBooks and hydrogen fact sheets.

National Energy Foundation – This Foundation site provides curriculum, training and materials to promote a better understanding of energy, natural resources, and the environment.

The Smithsonian Institute's History of Fuel Cells – Summarizes the origins, types, and future of fuel cells.