Many people consider hydrogen and fuel cells to be longer-term technologies, but they're beginning to enter the market now in certain applications. Potential "early adopters" can learn more about hydrogen and fuel cells today to better understand near-term opportunities and consider and prepare for using these technologies in the future.

Early Markets for Fuel Cell Technology

Battelle Memorial Institute conducted a study to identify and evaluate potential early markets for direct hydrogen polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells: Identification and Characterization of Near-Term Direct Hydrogen Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell Markets, April 2007. The study focuses on power supplies for forklifts and backup power for telecommunications and emergency response radio towers.

Available Products

Want to know what hydrogen and fuel cell products are commercially available? Check out the Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Energy Association's member product lists.

Information for Fleet Owners and Operators

The National Hydrogen Association, now the Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Energy Association, assembled a series of modules for fleet owners and operators interested in hydrogen equipment and vehicles. These modules focus on hydrogen basics; hydrogen production, distribution, and delivery; vehicle operations and maintenance facilities; hydrogen powertrains and vehicles; prototype light-duty hydrogen vehicles; prototype hydrogen transit vehicles; specialty hydrogen vehicles; and hydrogen life-cycle costs and training.