The Fuel Cell Pre-Solicitation Workshop was held on March 16-17, 2010, to discuss the most relevant fuel cell technology research and development topics in fuel cells and fuel cell systems appropriate for government funding in stationary and transportation applications as well as cross-cutting stack and balance of plant component technology.

This public workshop, held at the Sheraton Denver West Hotel in Lakewood, Colorado, was attended by more than 150 researchers, fuel cell developers, and other industry representatives. An additional 50 joined the presentations via webinar.

Plenary overview presentations were followed by facilitated breakout group discussions, organized into five general topic areas: (1) catalysts, (2) MEAs, components and integration, (3) high-temperature (SOFC) system and balance of plant, (4) low-temperature fuel cell system balance of plant and fuel processors, and (5) long-term innovative technologies. The input from workshop participants and from the DOE Request for Information will be used to assist in the development of potential Fuel Cell Funding Opportunity Announcements in the future.

The proceedings of the Fuel Cell Pre-Solicitation Workshop are available as Adobe Acrobat PDFs. Download Adobe Reader.

Meeting Agenda and Participants


  • DOE Fuel Cell Technology Program Overview and Introduction to the 2010 Fuel Cell Pre-Solicitation Workshop (PDF 805 KB), Dimitrios Papageorgopoulos, DOE Fuel Cell Technology Program
  • Summary of Input from DOE Request for Information (PDF 200 KB), Greg Kleen, DOE Golden Field Office
  • Automotive Fuel Cell R&D Needs (PDF 235 KB), Craig Gittleman, General Motors – for USCAR FreedomCAR and Fuel Cell Technical Team Industry Members (GM, Ford, and Chrysler)
  • Integration of MEA Components (PDF 595 KB), Mark Debe, 3M
  • Balance of Plant Needs and Integration of Stack Components for Stationary Power Applications (PDF 526 KB), Chris Ainscough, Nuvera Fuel Cells
  • Fuel Processor RD&D Needs [presentation posted soon], Pinakin Patel, FuelCell Energy
  • Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Balance of Plant and Stack Component Integration (PDF 1.7 MB), Norman Bessette, Acumentrics
  • Long-Term Innovative Technologies (PDF 1.2 MB), Bryan Pivovar, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Breakout Group Reports

Reports will be posted soon for the following breakout groups:

  • Catalysts (PDF 74 KB)
  • MEAs, Components and Integration (PDF 68 KB)
  • High Temperature (SOFC) System and Balance of Plant (PDF 56 KB)
  • Low-Temperature Fuel Cell System Balance of Plant and Fuel Processors (PDF 108 KB)
  • Long-Term Innovative Technologies (PDF 74 KB)