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The Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) offers information to help agencies develop sound operations and maintenance (O&M) practices that promote energy savings and prevent energy losses. Federal agencies are required to implement O&M plans that control and maintain building property and ensure systems and equipment are reliable, safe, and energy efficient.

Learn how to use commissioning to verify that buildings are performing to their original designs and intents and meeting the needs of the occupants.
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Get guidance and resources to meet energy and water metering requirements in federal buildings.
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Key Resources

Systematic process aimed at minimizing building energy consumption by identifying and correcting operational problems.
Guide provides recommendations to incorporate, document, and verify operations and maintenance savings in energy savings performance contracts.
Process used to verify that a building performs according to the original design and intent, and meets the needs of the owners and occupants.
Template assists federal agencies in creating their federal building metering implementation plans.
Guidance assists agencies in interpreting U.S. Department of Energy guidelines for electric metering of federal buildings.

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