For Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) websites, use these quality assurance (QA) checklists for websites and Web pages in's content management system (CMS) to ensure they meet mandatory requirements:

Page-by-Page Checklist

To ensure individual Web pages meet all of EERE's requirements, use this QA checklist for general users to review individual Web pages before they go live.

General Requirements
 Content has been reviewed for spelling.
 The summary field is filled in
 Pages have appropriate intro text
 Page is in the correct groups audience
 All links work
 Internal links use node IDs
Images have descriptive alt text
 Hero images are at least 1000px wide
 Optional, but preferred: Hero images are landscape, not portrait
 Links to PDF files on go to the download pages, not directly to the PDF.
Colored graphics have sufficient contrast to meet Section 508 requirements
Graphics do not flash in the range of 4 to 59 flashes per second.
Data tables designate which cells are headers. (Right click in the cell to bring up the cell > cell properties, then select "header" under cell type.)
 Optional: If using blocks, all blocks have been added to page


Article Pages
 The article type has been selected
 Optional: If article needs to be pulled into a listing, it has the required topic, office-specific topic, or keyword


Contributor Pages
 Hero images are at least 1000px wide

Optional, but preferred: Hero images are landscape, not portrait


Headshots are either cropped as a square or a horizontal rectangle with the subject centered


Headshots are at least 500px wide


The name, title, summary, and biography fields are filled in


Download Pages

PDFs follow EERE's requirements for PDFs


The summary field and body text are filled in


The title of the page is descriptive and does not use the file name (for example,annual_report.pdf)


The link text is descriptive and does not use the file name


Event Pages

The event type is selected


Date includes both start and end date and/or time


Time is in correct time zone


Any topics, office-specific topics, or keywords required for the event listing are entered


Website Checklist

Use this QA checklist to ensure new or redesigned websites meet EERE's requirements.

General Requirements

Animations, audio files, and videos follow the requirements in EERE's multimedia QA checklist


Multimedia is responsive


Videos have been uploaded to the DOE YouTube channel


If the site uses three column landing pages, those pages does not have hero images


Optional, but recommended: If site has left nav, pages are either

  • Added to left nav with a navigation label, or
  • Added to left nav with a hidden navigation label to keep the appropriate portion of navigation open



Images are at least 800px wide


Headers appropriately match body content


Left Rail
 Left rail navigation has been approved by the Web Template Coordinator
 Navigation labels do not exceed three levels
 Navigation labels do not exceed two lines of text


Video Pages
 Video has been uploaded to DOE's YouTube channel
 Video page is in the correct groups audience
The video's text version has been copied into the "transcript" field
 The summary field is filled in