This section describes the Government Printing Office (GPO) requirements for all EERE publications and print materials, including those in PDF and other electronic file formats and those printed on paper.

Publication Numbers and Dates

All EERE print materials, including those in electronic and printed formats, must follow these guidelines:

  • All publications must have a GPO product identification (publication) number and publication date.
  • Publication numbers cannot be reused.
  • Publications that are updated must have a new date and publication number.
  • Interagency documents, where DOE is a party, must have a publication number assigned by DOE or a national laboratory if a GPO publication number is not assigned by another agency.
  • One-time promotional materials, such as conference invitations, do not require a GPO identification.

Acquiring a Publication Number

A publication number may be obtained through the national laboratories or the DOE headquarters print shop.

  • When publishing at a national laboratory, use the lab publication number.  While a national lab may request a publication number from DOE headquarters, it is preferred they use the lab publication number.
  • If a DOE employee, contractor, or someone not at a national lab is producing a publication, request a publication number from Ken Sobczak in the DOE headquarters print shop.

Displaying Publication Numbers

The publication number and date must be on the last page or back cover of publications, usually in the footer. Please note that all labs and the DOE print shop will have their own unique numbering system, as shown in the following examples:

DOE/GO-102010-1234     October 2017

NREL/TP-6A20-67101      October 2016

Approved Printers

Executive Order 12873 requires that all government offices and their contractors use GPO-approved printers for all publications. For the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE), the GPO-approved printers are:

  • DOE national laboratories
  • DOE headquarters print shop

Read our page on Preparing Files for Publication at DOE Headquarters Print Services if you intend to use the DOE headquarters print shop.