The Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy’s (EERE's) standards and guidelines for publications, exhibits, templates, icons, and logos help ensure that EERE's products are consistently branded, written, and produced.

The EERE Product Governance Team (PGT) reviews the publications, exhibits, logos, and templates for all EERE communications to increase the impact of how EERE communicates to its audiences.

Follow the Product Review and Approval Process for every new publication or exhibit to ensure that they meet all of EERE's requirements. Requests for new templates and logos also go through this process.

Use the Identity and Design Guidelines to ensure your publications and exhibits use EERE's colors, fonts, identifiers, and logos correctly.

See all of the templates for EERE-branded publications and PowerPoint presentations.

These are the logos for programs, offices, partnerships, and initiatives that have been approved by DOE's Public Affairs. The approved set of technology office icons are also available for download.

Learn about using the DOE logo, seal, or identifier on non-federal products.

Before you submit your product for its final PGT review, use the Quality Assurance (QA) checklist to ensure that your products have all of the required elements.

Read all of EERE's requirements for what colors and fonts your exhibits should use, what information needs to be included on it, and who you need to contact for approval.