Use these best practices for configuring Adobe Acrobat when creating PDFs for the Web. PDFs should be created with Adobe Acrobat version 9 or higher. The instructions below are for Acrobat DC. For instructions for other versions of Acrobat, contact Shauna Fjeld.

Acrobat DC Configuration

There are several parameters that need to be set in Acrobat to create standard PDFs. Rather than define each parameter on a case-by-case basis, these settings are named and saved into Job Settings files which you can access from the configuration documents below. The following are the three most commonly used Job Settings files for use on both Mac and PC platforms.


Creates the smallest possible PDFs for posting on the Web. Useful for large documents.


An all-purpose PDF for small documents suitable for Web posting and general office printing.


Used to create high-resolution, printable PDFs. (Please note, this will yield larger file sizes.)

Acrobat DC includes a number of configuration options. The following PDFs include Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy's recommended configuration for preparing standards compliant PDFs. The files also include the job settings described above.