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Team Name

Techsan Wind

Why Wind

Techsan Wind is proud to participate in this competition because the challenges are unique and require us to put all of the skills we have learned in the classroom to use. We are also excited to work together as a multidisciplinary team to meet the competition objectives.

Team Turbine

Techsan Wind is developing a three-bladed wind turbine. This year we have decided to simplify our design from the last competition to create a machine that is reliable and resilient. Our machine will use similar components from last year, but the electronics inside the turbine are simplified.

Game Plan

This year’s game plan is to keep things simple! When we entered the competition for the first time in 2018, we were unsure of what to bring to the competition or what to expect from the other teams, so this year we went back to the drawing board and decided to keep things a simple as possible while meeting the objectives laid out in the competition rules. Our goal is to bring a machine that can complete all tasks.

Team Strengths

We believe that one of our strengths for this year’s competition is that we came back from the 2018 competition with a wealth of knowledge and we want to learn from the mistakes we made at the last competition. We have also done a much better job of diversifying the educational backgrounds of the students on the Techsan Wind team.

Team Hurdles

One of the most difficult hurdles to overcome this year has been finding new members for the team. Several members of last year’s team have graduated, and we had to do quite a bit of recruiting to field a team for this year. At one point we weren’t sure we would have enough team members, but through the efforts of our student team lead, we were able to build a team that we believe will be very competitive. We were also locked out of our lab for a couple of weeks due to a key incident and that set us back a bit, but we’ve managed to get back on schedule!

Collegiate Wind Competition Objectives

Our main objective is to bring a machine to the competition that will be able to complete many, if not all the tasks for the competition. We are still learning and are excited for the opportunity to continue to learn and develop our machine.

Social Media

Twitter: @TechsanWind

Facebook: Techsan Wind, National Wind Institute-TTU NWI

Instagram: techsanwind, ttuwind


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