Jordan Chapman, Jonathan Crimble, Stephen Fink, Kevin Chiu, Nick Uvanovic, Yonaton Kaufman, Arman Paydarfar, Jack Haskell, Gabriel Sylvester, Michael Horner, Brian Thompson, Prof. Matthew Lackner, Romir Vyas, Jonathan Cohen, Matthew Short, James Bedell, Ross Adams, Joe Murphy


UMass MinuteWind


UMass Amherst MinuteWind is a strong team of innovative engineers with passion for design, production, and performance. They have built off the success as the top technical design winner in 2016, and have learned from challenges faced in the other categories of the competition. They have strategically implemented professional systems to become fluid in our roles as well as balance time efficiency. UMass MinuteWind is determined to successfully represent the flagship campus in this year’s Collegiate Wind Competition.


With a wind energy program founded in 1973, the University of Massachusetts Amherst has a long history of wind energy research and education activities. This team of undergraduate engineering and business students has elected to be part of this year-long course to become experts in creating and marketing their project. The more they talk with experts and potential end users, the more confident they are in their project and its application. The team believes this product can change the logistics of water treatment and transportation, benefiting all of the end users.


UMass MinuteWind aims to build a wind turbine that powers a water purification system that is to be utilized after natural disasters, at forward operating bases, and in refugee camps. Depending on the operating conditions (i.e. population size, geographic location, etc.), multiple turbines could be implemented to suit a variety of scenarios. They plan to market this turbine primarily to non-governmental organizations and disaster relief groups, with the goal of supplying clean drinking and grey water to affected locations.