The Building Technologies Office (BTO) hosted a workshop, Priorities and Pathways to Widespread Deployment of Thermal Energy Storage in Buildings on May 11–12, 2021. It was focused on the goal of advancing thermal energy storage (TES) solutions for buildings. 

Participants included leaders from industry, academia, and government. They discussed the latest developments in low-temperature TES technologies and systems to identify approaches that overcome technology gaps, building integration issues, and market adoption challenges that are preventing the widespread deployment of TES solutions in buildings. Advanced TES technology is a key enabler for achieving a zero-carbon power sector by 2035 and an equitable transition to a decarbonized energy system by 2050. The discussions throughout the workshop helped inform BTO's planned TES technology roadmap and potential future R&D and market-scaling activities related to latent, sensible, and thermochemical TES for buildings.

The workshop was co-hosted by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. 

Below are links to the recordings from the workshop.

May  11, 2021: Opportunities, Value Drivers, and Barriers for Thermal Energy Storage
Workshop Outline and Goals
Sven Mumme | U.S. DOE Building Technologies Office
Welcome and Opening Remarks
Peter Green | National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Keynote – Grid-Interactive Efficient Buildings and Thermal Energy Storage 
David Nemtzow | U.S. DOE Building Technologies Office
Panel Discussion | The Big Picture: Opportunities for Thermal Energy Storage in Buildings
(Moderated by Ravi Prasher | Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory) 
  • Alejandro Moreno | U.S. DOE Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy
  • Luisa F. Cabeza | University of Lleida, Spain
  • Claus Daniel | Carrier
  • Ram Narayanamurthy | Electric Power Research Institute
Keynote Address - Barriers to Thermal Energy Storage in Buildings 
Mark MacCracken | CALMAC Portfolio of Trane
Panel Discussion | Application Value Drivers and Market Barriers
(Moderated by Roderick Jackson | National Renewable Energy Laboratory)
  • Paul Steffes | Steffes
  • Said Al-Hallaj | NetEnergy
  • Reyad Sawafta | Phase Change Solutions
  • William Eldrich | Sunamp
  • Pradeep Vitta | Southern Company
  • Juan Catano | Emerson
Concurrent Breakout Sessions 
Breakout 1 – Adoption and deployment barriers
Breakout 2 – System cost, performance, and market requirements
Breakout 3 – Key applications and value drivers
May 12, 2021: Technology Pathways to Market Adoption, Demonstration, Deployment
Welcome and Outline of Workshop Day 2
Sven Mumme | U.S. DOE Building Technologies Office
Keynote Address – Future Vision of Thermal Energy Storage
Andreas Hauer | ZAE Bayern
Panel Discussion | Demonstration, Technology Scaling, and Getting to the Field
(Moderated by Cedar Blazek | U.S. DOE Building Technologies Office)
  • John Andrepont | The Cool Solutions Company
  • Tapan Patel | Construction Engineering Research Laboratory
  • Peter Horwath | Isolcorp
  • Geoff Wickes| Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance
  • Tom Vega | Baltimore Air Coil
  • Wim van Helden | AEE – Institute for Sustainable Technologies
Panel Discussion | Novel Systems and Approaches
(Moderated by Erika Gupta | U.S. DOE Building Technologies Office)
  • Jason Woods | National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  • Som Shrestha | Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  • Sumanjeet Kaur | Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
  • Mitchell Ishmael | Active Energy Systems
  • Joanne Huang | OtherLab
  • Louis Desgrosseilliers | Neothermal
  • Pim Donkers | Cellcius
  • Matthew Aguayo | EnKoat
  • Arlene Anderson | Geothermal Technologies Office
Concurrent Breakout Sessions | Sensible, Latent, Thermochemical Storage Solutions
Breakout 1 – Space Cooling
Breakout 2 – Space/Water Heating
Breakout 3 – Refrigeration
Breakout 4 – Envelope Embedded