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Intro to the STEP Campaign

The Smart Tools for Efficient HVAC Performance (STEP) Campaign encourages and supports the use of smart diagnostic tools that allow residential HVAC technicians to efficiently install and commission new HVAC systems and identify and troubleshoot energy-wasting faults in existing systems. The STEP Campaign serves as a national platform for sharing information and recognizing successes of HVAC contractors and installers, utilities, energy-efficiency programs, trainers, and others who are using these tools to help advance the HVAC industry.

Why Smart Diagnostic Tools?

  • 70–90% of homes have one or more energy wasting HVAC fault1
  • HVAC systems waste ~9% of energy nationally due to installation faults, costing consumers $2.5 billion/year in utility bills2 

Smart diagnostic tools help ensure residential HVAC systems are installed properly and operate efficiently. These tools help increase HVAC technician productivity, enable streamlined system performance testing, and help with commissioning and diagnostics.

Goals of the STEP Campaign

  • Encourage and support using smart diagnostic tools as a component of quality HVAC system installation or maintenance
  • Provide resources and technical assistance on smart diagnostic tools
  • Encourage use of other connected commissioning technology (i.e., embedded AFDD, third-party leave-in AFDD, etc.)
  • Recognize organizations for adopting or supporting adoption of smart diagnostic tools
  • Document and share best practices and lessons learned 

How Do I Get Involved in the STEP Campaign?

To get involved with the STEP Campaign, you can join as a Campaign Partner or contact the STEP Campaign team.


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  2. EERE, 2019. Residential HVAC Installation Practices: A Review of Research Findings

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