The Department of Energy (DOE) encourages stakeholders and the general public to participate in its rulemakings. You can participate in rulemakings by:

Viewing the Rulemaking Docket is a web-based repository of federal regulatory documents. Publicly accessible documents associated with Appliance and Equipment Standards rulemakings and related Federal Register notices are now accessible on online. On you can:

  • View proposed and final rules and other regulatory documents or notices
  • Read public comments, as well as public meeting presentations and transcripts

These documents are part of a docket folder, which contains all documents associated with a particular rulemaking or notice. Learn more about using to access documents.

Participating in Public Meetings and Webinars

DOE holds public meetings and webinars related to rulemakings in order to gather information and to present the results of its analyses. Stakeholders are invited to comment on the selection of design options and to assist in the identification of analysis, data, and modeling needs for equipment standards and test procedures. Anyone can participate either in-person or via a webinar, and and in-person participants are allowed to make oral presentations.

Information about participating in public meetings or webinars is at Public Meetings and Comment Deadlines.

Submitting Comments

DOE welcomes comments from stakeholders. Comments may be submitted through the website, email, postal mail, or by hand delivery/courier. Directions for submitting comments can be found in the Public Meetings and Comment Deadlines.

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