The Department of Energy (DOE) provides the public with an opportunity to participate in meetings to discuss proposed changes to rulemakings and product standards. The table below lists all upcoming public meeting and comment close dates, and provides links to the relevant Federal Register notices. If there are no entries, no public meetings are scheduled at this time. Below the table there are general instructions for participating in public meetings in-person or via webinar, and for submitting public comments. The notices provide more detailed and specific instructions.

Meeting Dates and Comment Deadlines


Meeting Date

Comment Period Close Date


Webinar Registration

In Person Meeting Registration

Test Procedures for General Service Fluorescent Lamps, Incandescent Reflector Lamps, and General Service Incandescent Lamps; NOPR; RFI


      n/a   August 2, 2021 Click Here to Comment! Click Here to Register!          n/a

Test Procedures for Consumer Products; Consumer Furnace Fans; RFI


      n/a August 6, 2021 Click Here to Comment!        n/a          n/a

Standards for Unfired Hot Water Storage Tanks; NOPD and request for comment


      n/a   August 9, 2021 Click Here to Comment!        n/a          n/a

Standards for Walk-in Coolers and Freezers; RFI


      n/a August 16, 2021 Click Here to Comment!         n/a          n/a

Process Rule; NOPR


   August      10, 2021 August 23, 2021 Click Here to Comment! Click Here to Register!          n/a

Standards for Commercial Refrigerators, Freezers, and Refrigerator-Freezers; RFI


      n/a  August 30, 2021 Click Here to Comment!        n/a          n/a

Dehumidifying Direct Expansion-Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems; NOPR


      n/a    September 7,              2021 Click Here to Comment!         n/a          n/a

Test Procedure for Metal Halide Lamp Fixtures; NOPR and Request for Comment


 August 5,       2021 September 13, 2021 Click Here to Comment! Click Here to Register!          n/a

Definition of Showerhead; NOPR and public meeting


  August   31, 2021 September 20, 2021 Click Here to Comment! Click Here to Register!          n/a




Participating in Public Meetings or Webinars

The date, time, and location of public meetings are announced by a notice published in the Federal Register, and also on the rulemaking webpage. Meetings are also broadcast as webinars.

DOE reviews all comments, data, and information regarding the notice that are submitted before or after the public meeting, but no later than the final date specified in the notice. See the Public Participation section of the notice for details.

To attend a public meeting, please email: or call: (202) 287–1445. Please note that foreign nationals visiting DOE headquarters are subject to advance security screening procedures. Any foreign national wishing to participate in a public meeting should advise DOE as soon as possible. To prevent personal information from being compromised, the Department has created a new database to request foreign national visit approval. To request access approval, email Regina Washington at  You will be directed to the website to complete the Foreign National Visit and Assignment Questionnaire. For security purposes please do not transmit the Foreign National Visit and Assignment Questionnaire, your passport or other form of identification by email.

Please note that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has determined that regular driver's licenses (and ID cards) from the following jurisdictions are not acceptable: Alaska, American Samoa, Arizona, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New York, Oklahoma, and Washington. Acceptable alternate forms of photo ID include: U.S. passport or passport card; enhanced driver's license or enhanced ID card issued by the states of Minnesota, New York, or Washington (enhanced licenses issued by these states are clearly marked "Enhanced" or "Enhanced Driver's License"); military ID or other government issued photo ID card.

If you plan to present a prepared general statement you may request that copies be made available at the public meeting. Submit requests, along with an advance electronic copy of their statement in PDF (preferred), Microsoft Word or Excel, WordPerfect, or text (ASCII) file format to the appropriate address shown in the ADDRESSES section found at the beginning of the notice. The request and advanced copy of statements must be received at least one week before the public meeting and may be emailed, hand-delivered, or sent by mail. DOE prefers to receive requests and advance copies via email. Please include a telephone number to enable DOE staff to make a follow-up contact, if needed.

Please also note that you must obtain a property pass if you want to bring a laptop into the DOE headquarters Forrestal Building. You should avoid bringing a laptop, or allow an extra 45 minutes to obtain a pass.

Submitting Comments

Comments may be submitted through, email, postal mail, or by hand delivery/courier. Please follow the directions below. For detailed instructions on submitting comments, see the Public Participation section of the notice.

Any comments submitted must identify the name of the rulemaking and provide the docket number or regulatory information number (RIN). Comments may be submitted using any of the following methods:

  1. Federal eRulemaking Portal: Submit comments to the rulemaking docket. Follow the instructions for submitting comments.
  2. Email: the notice will contain a docket email address. Include the docket number and/or RIN in the subject line of the message.
  3. Mail: Appliance and Equipment Standards Program, U.S. Department of Energy, Building Technologies Office, Mailstop EE-5B, 1000 Independence Avenue, SW., Washington, DC, 20585-0121. If possible, please submit all items on a CD, in which case it is not necessary to include printed copies.
  4. Hand Delivery/Courier: Appliance and Equipment Standards Program, U.S. Department of Energy, Building Technologies Office, 950 L’Enfant Plaza, SW., 6th Floor, Washington, DC, 20024. Telephone: (202) 287-1445.  If possible, please submit all items on a CD, in which case it is not necessary to include printed copies.


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