To be certified under the DOE Zero Energy Ready Home (ZERH) program:

  • A home must meet all requirements of the applicable program version based on building type (see table below).
  • The builder/developer/plant must be registered as a ZERH program partner (details here).
  • The project must be certified by an approved third-party verifier (details here).

Click the version icons below to view the requirements documents for each version of the ZERH program.

Effective Dates: The effective dates for ZERH program versions are established in the “DOE ZERH Program Version Effective Dates” table below. To be eligible for the 45L Tax Credit, homes must be certified to the program version in effect according to this table at the Permit Date (or Production Date for Manufactured Homes), as defined in the program requirements document corresponding to the building type.  For further information about ZERH and the 45L tax credit, see: Section 45L Tax Credits for Zero Energy Ready Homes, IRS Guidance for Taxpayers on the Section 45L New Energy Efficient Home Credit, and IRS Notice 2023-65.

Table listing effective dates for Zero Energy Ready Home Program versions and revisions.
New program versions (i.e., Single Family Version 2) and revisions to program versions (i.e., Version 1, Revision 9) may optionally be used earlier than the required date once they are issued by DOE. A project certified under a newer program version or revision is also deemed to meet the certification requirements of corresponding earlier (older) versions or revisions. Projects must meet all building eligibility requirements (type and location) as stated in the program documents applicable to the version and revision used for certification. The definition of "permit date" for different program versions and revisions is located in each respective set of program requirements.
Partners should subscribe to the ZERH newsletter for updates about the development of new program versions and revisions.


Requirements for ZERH Certification by Building Type


Requirements for Builders and Developers

The first step to building a certified Zero Energy Ready Home is to register as a partner. Please visit the Partner Central page for more information.

Requirements for Third-Party Verification

All Zero Energy Ready Homes must be certified by an approved third-party verifier to meet appropriate ZERH Program Requirements. See DOE-Recognized ZERH Certification Organizations for more details.