DOE Zero Energy Ready Homes (ZERHs) must meet all requirements of the applicable version, based on building type. To be certified under the ZERH program, a home must meet all applicable program requirements, the builder/developer must be registered as a partner, and the project must be approved by an approved third-party verifier. Click the version icons below to view the requirements documents. Each page below contains the requirements for each version of the ZERH program. Please note that Version 2 for Single Family Homes and Version 2 for Multifamily are still under development. 

Requirements for Builders and Developers

The first step to building a Zero Energy Ready Home is to register as a partner. Please visit the Partner Central page for more information.

Requirements for Third-Party Verification

All Zero Energy Ready Homes must be certified by an approved third-party verifier to meet ZERH National Program Requirements. See Certification Oversight for more details.