This Asset Scoring Tool will guide your data collection, store your building information, and generate Asset Scores and system evaluations for your building envelope and building systems. The Asset Scoring Tool will also identify cost-effective upgrade opportunities and help you gain insight into the energy efficiency potential of your building.

Key Features

The Asset Scoring Tool will generate an Asset Score Report that will provide:

  • A whole-building energy efficiency score based on the building envelope and building systems (heating, ventilation, cooling, lighting and service hot water). 
  • An evaluation of the current building systems that identifies inefficient building systems
  • A set of opportunities to save energy and money
  • An additional "post-upgrade" score that illustrates the potential savings from implementing the recommendations.

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Steps to Receive an Asset Score

  1. The Commercial Building Energy Asset Score Data Collection Priority Map will assist assessors with prioritizing information collection depending on the type of building. A climate zone map will assist users with assigning building climate zones.
  2. Enter data into the Asset Scoring Tool—Launch the tool, create a building, and input the building data that you have collected.
  3. Receive an Asset Score Report—Select the "Score Building" button to generate the report documenting your Asset Score, building system evaluation, and potential energy savings upgrade opportunities.

Commercial Building Energy Asset Scoring Tool User Levels

The Asset Scoring Tool is expected to be used by two user levels: Simple level and Verified level.

  • The Asset Score estimated for simple use is informal and unverified. Its use is not recommended for official purposes, such as real estate transaction, appraisal, or public display. There are no qualification requirements for the simple level user. The simple use of the asset scoring tool can provide useful information to the building owner about the energy-efficiency characteristics of the building and identify potential upgrades to improve the overall energy-efficiency of the building. The simple level user, however, can only obtain an unverified version of the Asset Score Report. The Asset Scoring Tool will recognize the user level based on the login information. For the simple level user, the Asset Scoring Tool will automatically generate a report with a "PRELIMINARY" watermark.
  • An Asset Score for official purposes must be verified by an individual who is deemed qualified to verify data inputs necessary to obtain an Asset Score. The verified-level users are qualified Asset Score assessors who will need to meet the qualification criteria to be developed by DOE.

Additional Resources

The following resources are available for more information: