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Imagine buildings of the future. What will they look like and how will they interact with us—their occupants—to improve our lives and the Earth?

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Lead Performer: Pacific Northwest National Laboratory - Richland, WA

DOE Funding: $200,000
Project Term: 10/1/2014 - 9/30/2015
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Project Objective

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory are developing a vision for future buildings—at least one hundred years from today—based on the collective views of thought leaders. As part of this effort, we will explore technology and demographic trends that could revolutionize the built environment across energy, water, environment, resilient design, health, security, and productivity. A clear, compelling vision of future buildings will not only help DOE advance program planning and prepare the right strategies to attain this vision, but will also inspire the development of new, high-impact technologies for the built environment.

We will leverage existing visions like the International Energy Agency's Transition to Sustainable Buildings by 2050 and Architecture 2030’s zero emissions challenge. However, this project will take a longer-term focus, envisioning the US building stock more than 100 years in the future when the current stock of buildings has largely turned over. We will work with leaders across various fields and enhance a national conversation on the future of our built environment. We will conduct a series of research and outreach activities, including thought leader interviews, a national workshop, and several local or national panel discussions. The results from this work will also be targeted for a leading peer-reviewed journal.


DOE Technology Manager: Patrick Phelan
Lead Performer: Nora Wang, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory