Project website: and
-- Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, Berkeley, CA
-- Windfall Technical, Berkeley, CA
Performance Period: October 1, 2011 –
Budget: $3,743,000 to date; $180,000 in FY19
Related Projects: BEDES, SEED

Project Overview

The Building Performance Database (BPD) is the nation's largest dataset of information about the energy-related characteristics of commercial and residential buildings. The BPD combines, cleanses and anonymizes data collected by federal, state and local governments, utilities, energy efficiency programs, building owners and private companies, and makes it available to the public. The website allows users to explore the data across real estate sectors and regions, and compare various physical and operational characteristics to gain a better understanding of market conditions and trends in energy performance.

The BPD allows users to create and save custom peer group datasets based on specific variables including building types, locations, sizes, ages, equipment, operational characteristics and more. The BPD also allows users to compare any two peer groups using statistical or actuarial methods.

The BPD has both a graphical web interface as well as a web API (application programming interface) that allows applications and services to dynamically query the BPD.

More information about the BPD can be found on the BPD FAQ page.