A young man with his back to the camera as he works on an HVAC system.

Lead Performer: Frontier Energy Inc. – Oakland, CA
-- Engage! StrategiesDavis, CA
-- Visual Service by Institute of Heating and Air Conditioning Industries – Glendale, CA

DOE Total Funding: $700,000
FY20 DOE Funding: $700,000
Funding Type: 2021 BENEFIT Funding Opportunity Announcement

Project Objective

Frontier Energy has been awarded to develop PATHS: Career Pathways to Advance the Trades in HVAC Services to be a self-sustaining, replicable program. PATHS will provide ongoing education about quality HVAC services, different curricula to train students in HVAC installation and maintenance techniques and teach them about the benefits of energy-efficient HVAC products and services.

Technical training will be provided to at least 30 students and 25 contractors or technicians in the Inland Empire region of Southern California. Curriculum and industry recruitment materials will be made available to participants and stakeholders throughout and outside of the region via the PATHS website, expecting at least 100 unique visitors. Three trainers are enrolled in an ongoing PATHS Initiative, with the potential for more. PATHS will be designed for longevity, with three additional California Community College campuses and two industry or utility HVAC training programs to have ongoing use of training and recruitment materials.

Project Impact

This project will elevate the abilities of new and existing HVAC professionals to carry out energy-efficient HVAC services and establish a career pipeline that can bring unemployed and underemployed people into the HVAC industry. Lessons learned and materials developed will be used in the Inland Empire region and disseminated to other regions.


DOE Technology Manager: Maddy Salzman
Lead Performer: Kristin Heinemeier, Frontier Energy Inc.