Lead Performer: OLEDWorks LLC – Rochester, NY
DOE Total Funding: $148,368
Project Term: June 8, 2015 – March 8, 2016
Funding Opportunity: FY2015 Phase I Release 2 SBIR Awards


The recipient, currently the only commercial OLED lighting panel manufacturer in the U.S., will develop a concept for an outdoor OLED luminaire using solar energy for lighting pedestrian areas. This novel luminaire concept will accelerate OLED energy savings by reducing energy used to light pedestrian areas by removing this lighting load completely from the power grid, using solar energy exclusively for power, demonstrating how smart controls and communication can be used with OLED lighting, and increasing public awareness of OLED lighting by showcasing its properties in public places. Recent studies have suggested that existing pedestrian lighting is not optimal to accommodate the complex human visual system. This Phase I feasibility study will investigate the potential impact that source variables made possible by using the company’s unique OLED panels might have on color temperature, luminance level, design, and light control and the effect these variables might have on pedestrian perception and comfort.


Importantly, this effort will also investigate the potential for outdoor lighting cost reduction made possible primarily by eliminating the large cost associated with burying suitable electrical wires and reducing operating costs by integrating advanced operational controls that, today, are simply not available in commercial luminaires designed for this market.


DOE Technology Manager: James Brodrick
Lead Performer: Jeffrey Jackson, OLEDWorks