The Department of Energy’s Building Technologies Office’s (BTO’s) Multi-Year Program Plan (MYPP) for Fiscal Years 2016-2020 provides a broad overview of the energy use in the buildings sector, the opportunities for cost-effective energy savings, the barriers to their achievement, and BTO’s strategies and goals for achieving significant reductions in building energy use intensity. The body of the plan describes each of BTO’s programs, providing a roadmap for their work over the next five years. Each program section reviews the relevant market characteristics, including key market barriers, the program’s history, and a description of the remaining opportunities for energy savings, followed by a description of each of the program’s goals, the strategies used to achieve those goals, and a summary of specific program activities and key targets. BTO is committed to annually tracking and reporting its progress toward the achievement of the goals described in the plan and to periodically updating the plan itself.

Program Logic Models

BTO has also created logic models, linked to below, for each of BTO’s five program areas, as well as the five technology sub-programs under BTO’s Emerging Technologies Program. For each program, the logic models identify key objectives, activities/partners, outputs and near-, mid- and long-term outcomes. The logic models will be updated from time-to-time as key strategies, activities and outputs of individual programs evolve. There are two types of logic models for each program: a simplified logic model intended for use in presentations or other communications, and a second that is more detailed.