Lead Performer: Oak Ridge National Laboratory – Oak Ridge, TN
-- University of Tennessee-Knoxville – Knoxville, TN
-- Institute for Advanced Composites Manufacturing Innovation – Knoxville, TN
DOE Total Funding: $500,000
Cost Share: $125,000
Project Term: 18 months
Funding Type: Advanced Building Construction FOA Award

As part of the ABC FOA topic Integrated Building Retrofits, this project is one of a cohort of Phase 1 projects that will design and prototype a technology or approach that provides a deep energy-saving retrofit solution for one or more building energy systems. Once completed, BTO will conduct a competitive review of this project, along with all Phase 1 projects, to down-select recipients for Phase 2 awards that focus on a whole-building deep energy retrofit solution. Phase 2 awardees will develop and field-validate their retrofit solution from Phase 1 on at least two occupied, operational buildings.

Project Objective

This project will use the latest developments in advanced composites to design energy-efficient and moisture-durable overclad panels for envelope retrofits. This approach will achieve cost-effectiveness by tailoring designs for optimized use of fiber reinforcement; using recycled materials; and developing designs that enable modularization, digital manufacturing, and fast assembly for quick customization. Innovations will include the development of new composites that are reinforced with low-cost carbon fibers and recycled carbon fibers that decrease cost; as well as fastenerless interlocking mechanisms that reduce installation time, cost and mistakes.

Project Impact

This project has the potential to provide a cost-effective and energy-efficient solution to building envelope retrofits that is customizable to the unique building’s situation. The resulting overclad panels will be thin, light, designed for high throughput and fast assembly, modular, and suitable for digital manufacturing and mass customization. These features will lead to decreased labor and installation costs.


DOE Technology Manager: Sven Mumme
Lead Performer: Diana Hun, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

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