Credit: United Technologies Research Center

Lead Performer: United Technologies Research Center - East Hartford, CT
Partners: Carrier Corporation - Farmington, CT
DOE Funding: $1,500,000
Cost Share: $373,000
Project Term: March 1, 2013 - May 29, 2015
Funding Opportunity: Energy Savings Through Improved Mechanical Systems and Building Envelope Technologies 2012 (DE-FOA-0000621)

Project Objective

The United Technologies Research Center (UTRC) is developing a prototype 10 tons-of-refrigeration (TR), high-performance cold climate commercial heat pump system. The system improves on state-of-the-art heat pumps, which can degrade by up to 60% in capacity and 50% in system coefficient of performance at the U.S. Department of Energy-targeted -13°F ambient condition. The system’s improved performance is achieved by using compression with high efficiency over an unusually wide range of speed and pressure ratios, and with system-level design optimization for cold climates. UTRC has developed proprietary component and system level dynamic modeling tools for the design and optimization of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) components, systems, and controls. High-fidelity analysis will be applied to advance compressor performance over a wide range of speeds and ambient conditions, delivering heating performance at low cost while maintaining good cooling performance. System-level optimization and controls will focus on extension of the useful temperature range and minimization of the effects of cold-blow.

Project Impact

UTRC expects the system to be scalable beyond 40 TR, be cost-effective with a simple payback of less than three years, and enable annual electricity use for building space heating in cold climates to decrease by at least 25%.


DOE Technology Manager: Tony Bouza
Performer: Ahmad Mahmoud, United Technologies Research Center

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