Lead Performer: Rocky Mountain Institute – Basalt, CO
-- ADL Ventures – San Francisco, CA
-- Association for Energy Affordability – New York, NY
-- Passive House Institute U.S. – Chicago, IL
-- VEIC – Burlington, VT
DOE Total Funding: $5,000,000
Cost Share: $1,250,000
Project Term: 5 years
Funding Type: Advanced Building Construction FOA Award

Project Objective

The objective of this project is to establish the Advanced Building Construction (ABC) Collaborative comprised of building owners and developers, manufacturers and suppliers, architects and engineers, contractors, labor organizations, community organizations, financiers and insurers, governments, research institutions, trade associations, and utilities. The project aims to facilitate this coalition of industry leaders to develop, demonstrate, and scale high-performance, energy-efficient construction, for both retrofit and new build, to transform the built environment and reinvigorate the construction industry. The ultimate objective is to create a broad-based network of market actors that dramatically accelerates the adoption of innovative high-performance construction technologies that achieve superior efficiency goals, enable rapid onsite/offsite construction timelines, are affordable, and are desirable to building owners and end users.

The ABC Collaborative will be the epicenter of communication and collaboration for the various sectors involved in accelerating the adoption of high-performance construction technologies.  Over time, the ABC Collaborative will help transform the construction and retrofit industries by ushering in a model of safe, affordable, ultra-low energy, zero-net-carbon American construction by bolstering U.S. manufacturing and economic competitiveness, and improving jobs and working conditions.

Project Impact

The project will produce the following outcomes:

  • Operationalize and capitalize the ABC Collaborative, convening a broad range of stakeholders annually with an eye toward scaling the high-performance advanced building construction sector.
  • Within the Collaborative, establish a trusted “one-stop shop” for forward-thinking building owners to connect with qualified fabricators, suppliers, and service providers in order to meet ambitious performance and scaling targets resulting in a committed pipeline of demand for at least 10 million square feet of projects implementing ABC technologies.
  • The ABC Collaborative will help revitalize the construction and retrofit sectors by addressing industry fragmentation, coordinating R&D efforts, supporting commercialization of technologies, and reducing costs by combining innovation with large-scale demonstrations and aggregated demand from building owners.
  • Attract at least $25 million of public and private resources to support the commercialization of promising ABC technologies.


DOE Technology Manager: Mary Hubbard, Mary.Hubbard@ee.doe.gov
Lead Performer: Lucas Toffoli, Rocky Mountain Institute, ltoffoli@rmi.org