The U.S. Department of Energy's Bioenergy Technologies Office (BETO) hosted its 2023 Project Peer Review on April 3‒7, 2023. The presentations from the Data, Modeling, and Analysis Program session are available to view below. For more information, including a complete schedule, view the 2023 Project Peer Review Agenda.

Data, Modeling, and Analysis Program




Technology Area Introduction

Andrea Bailey


Environmentally-Extended Multi-Regional Projection Of Lifecycle And Occupational Energy Futures (Employ)

Andre Fernandes Tomon Avelino

National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Gcam Bioenergy And Land Use Modeling And Directed R&D

Marshall Wise

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Agent-Based Modeling For The Multi-Objective Optimization Of Energy Production Pathways: Integrated Techno-Economics And Life Cycle Assessment

Jason Quinn

Colorado State University

Bioeconomy Scenario Analysis And Modeling

Emily Newes

National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Biofuels Information Center (Bic)

Kristi Moriarty

National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Scaling Up The Ecosystem Services Of Bioenergy Landscapes

John Quinn

Argonne National Laboratory

Visualizing Ecosystem Service Portfolios Of Agricultural And Forestry Biomass Production

 Yetta Jager

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Exchange: Expanding The Conversion Of Habitat In The Northern Great Plains Ecosystem

 Daren Redfearn

University Of Nebraska, Lincoln

Posies: Populus In The Southeast For Integrated Ecosystem Services

 Heidi Reninger

Mississippi State University

Evaluation Of Energycane For Bioenergy And Sustainable Agricultural Systems (Ec-Biosalts)

 Hardev Sandhu

University Of Florida

Integrated Landscape Management

Damon Hartley

Idaho National Laboratory

Sustainable Biomass Through Forest Restoration

Zhuoran Duan

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Water Resource Management For Bioenergy And Bioproducts

May Wu

Argonne National Laboratory

Bio-C2g Model For Rapid, Agile Assessment Of Biofuel And Co-Product Routes

Corinne Scown

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Life Cycle Analysis Of Biofuels And Bioproducts And Greet Development

Michael Wang

Argonne National Laboratory

Maximizing Co-Benefits Of Carbon Removal And Sustainable Aviation Fuels Production

Wenqin Li

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Net Zero Carbon Tech Team - Us Drive

Ling Tao

National Renewable Energy Laboratory, PNNL, Argonne National Laboratory, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Bioenergy Knowledge Discovery Framework

Esther Parish

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Strategic Analysis Support

Ling Tao

National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Economic Analysis Of Market Conditions And Incentives For Efficient Utilization Of Biomass In Hard-To-Decarbonize Transportation Sectors

Rocio Uria-Martinez

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Optimizing Bio-Jet Fuel Blends With The Feedstock To Function Tool

Vi Rapp

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Alternative Marine Fuel Pricing, Supply, And Demand

Emily Newes

National Renewable Energy Laboratory

A Framework For Evaluating Justice And Equity In The Transition To Renewables: The Bioenergy Case

Rebecca Efroymson

Oak Ridge National Laboratory, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Ecosystem Services Entrepreneurship Technical Assistance

John Quinn

Argonne National Laboratory

Biofuels Air Emissions Analysis

Vikram Ravi

National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Multi-Input, Multi-Output Biorefineries To Reduce Greenhouse Gas And Air Pollutant Emissions

Corinne Scown

University Of California, Berkeley