The U.S. Department of Energy’s  (DOE’s) Bioenergy Technologies Office (BETO) focuses on research and development (R&D) to enable sustainable and cost-effective technologies capable of producing bioenergy from sources such as cellulosic biomass, algae, and waste.

National laboratories and industry partners receive BETO funds for R&D to reduce the price of drop-in biofuels, high-performance bioproducts, and renewable biopower to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions while enabling a thriving U.S. bioeconomy.

By working with public- and private-sector partners to advance the domestic bioenergy industry, BETO ensures American families and businesses have more affordable, reliable, and domestically-sourced energy and transportation options.

BETO Success

Throughout the years, BETO has achieved significant R&D advances in renewable fuels and bioproducts. These accomplishments help to:

  • Reduce CO2 emissions to combat climate change
  • Create domestic jobs
  • Enhance U.S. economic growth
  • Maximize the use of America's abundant renewable bioenergy feedstocks
  • Improve quality of life for all Americans
  • Secure the nation's global leadership in advanced bioenergy and clean energy technologies.

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  • BETO Email and Newsletter Updates – Subscribe to the BETO email distribution list to stay current on all successes and activities.