Clean Fuels & Products Shot TM: Alternative Sources for Carbon-based Products

Gain insight into the objectives, progress, priorities, and future plans of the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE's) Clean Fuels & Products Shot™ at next week's virtual two-day Summit on April 8-9, 2024. The Shot aims to lower carbon emissions from the fuels and chemicals industry by utilizing more environmentally friendly carbon sources, targeting a minimum reduction of 85% in greenhouse gas emissions compared to fossil-based sources by 2035.

Session Two of the Summit will focus on Resource and Feedstock Mobilization. Stakeholders across government, industry, academia, and non-profit organizations will learn about the goals, efforts, and opportunities to reduce the cost, improve the quality, and increase the quantity of sustainable carbon-based feedstocks for conversion into biofuels and bioproducts.

This session will also highlight the recently released 2023 Billion-Ton Report, which shows that the U.S. could sustainably triple its production of biomass to more than 1 billion tons per year. Also, speakers will provide updates to the Sustainable Aviation Fuel Grand Challenge Roadmap, focused on scaling up new technologies to produce sustainable aviation fuels on a commercial scale. 

Keynote Speakers include:  

  • Dr. William Goldner, National Program Leader, U.S. Department of Agriculture
  • Dr. Matthew Langholtz, Natural Resource and Environmental Economist, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Panelists include: 

  • Dr. Todd Anderson, Director, Biological Systems Science Division, DOE Office of Science (Moderator)
  • Harrison Pettit, Chief Development Officer, Pacific Ag
  • Dr. Jennifer Aurandt-Pilgrim, Vice President of Research & Development, Marquis
  • Dr. David Thompson, Chief Scientist – BioenergyIdaho National Laboratory

View the full Summit agenda and register now to attend this two-day virtual summit. For more information or questions, visit the Clean Fuels & Products Shot webpage or contact

The Clean Fuels & Products Shot collaborative DOE intra-agency partners include: