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Author: Dr. Mark A. Shmorhun,Technology Manager with the Bioenergy Technologies Office at the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)

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On July 10, 2020, the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE’s) Bioenergy Technologies Office (BETO) will host its annual conference—Bioeconomy 2020. Partnering with the Advanced Bioeconomy Leadership Conference (ABLC 2020), this year's conference focuses on opportunities to eliminate barriers and advance break-through technologies to achieve a stronger bioeconomy.

The original in-person event was scheduled for March 2020 in Washington DC. The unfortunate coronavirus outbreak interrupted those plans, but our important event has been adapted. Featured speakers have pre-recorded their presentations and the event will go fully virtual on July 10, 2020. As in previous years, we have again partnered with ABLC 2020 and Biofuels Digest to ensure we reach the broadest possible audience in the global bioeconomy. ABLC 2020 is diligently working to ensure the event is digital-ready in light of travel restrictions and local regulations. This is a first-of-its-kind event for both entities as we create a new digital experience for our stakeholders.

BioEconomy 2020 - US Department of Energy Bioenergy Technologies Office.

As BETO’s flagship stakeholder event, the conference enables the Office to communicate its accomplishments, exchange insights, and share strategic goals for the upcoming year. This year’s conference will bring together experts from industry, academia, and government representing the entire bioenergy supply chain. 

Bioeconomy 2020 is a forum for stakeholders to share perspectives on technical and market issues, which help advance the commercialization of an advanced biofuels and bioproducts industry. The event also educates the banking and investment community and helps facilitate the alignment of investors with technology providers. Finally, BETO conferences provide the opportunity for government officials to confirm high-level, interagency support of national goals for an industry that is on the verge of technological breakthroughs and the commercial-scale production of secure, renewable, and sustainable energy for America.

BETO has invited speakers from academia, industry, and National Laboratories to share insights on innovations resulting from R&D investments in biotechnologies.

Sessions include:

  • Algae Products: Making Green by Going Green, in which speakers will present on the diverse products from the global algae industry and how research and development supports the innovators in this market.
  • Innovative Sensing Technologies for Biomass and Feedstock Production and Logistics, in which presenters will focus on new advancements in sensor technologies to evaluate the quality of biomass and feedstocks as well as sensors in farming applications.
  • Marine and Heavy Duty Biofuel Opportunities, which will focus on bio-based alternatives for marine and heavy-duty fuel applications.
  • Bio-Optimized Technologies for Plastics Recycling, which will highlight selective, scalable technologies for plastics deconstruction and upcycling, and recyclable-by-design plastics.
  • System Integration and Advancements, in which presenters will cover biorefinery operations with a focus on robustness and feedstock handling, process and systems integration, and lessons learned and successes.
  • AI/Machine Learning in Bioenergy, which will review how AI/machine learning innovations accelerate the pace of bioenergy research and development.
  • Innovations in Biomass Pretreatment, in which presenters will discuss the technical and economic advantages of new pretreatment strategies such as reductive catalytic fractionation, disc refining, and other mechanical means of preprocessing biomass.
  • Performance Advantaged Biofuels and Bioproducts, in which presenters will focus on how biofuel blendstocks can provide fuel properties that improve performance and reduce emissions.
  • Lower Carbon Intensity Fuels, which will discuss how transportation sector fuels developed from CO2 and other sources of waste carbon can lower life-cycle carbon intensity.

For a full schedule and information on speakers, visit the conference agenda and the speaker bios.  

Register here to join us on July 10 for this “can’t miss” event for BETO and our stakeholders!   

Dr. Mark A. Shmorhun
Dr. Mark A. Shmorhun is a Technology Manager with the Bioenergy Technologies Office at the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE).
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