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How To Interact With Us

Like or follow the DOE and EERE platforms where your organization is active. We also encourage you to like, share, or comment when our #AlgaePrize content appears in your feed. This is the easiest way for us to see who actively engages with our profile.

Other appropriate social media hashtags include:

  • #algae
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  • #bioenergy
  • #biofuels
  • #bioproducts
  • #biofoods
  • #BioenergyCuriosity
  • #AlgaeCuriosity

AlgaePrize Social Media Examples

When you’re ready to promote the AlgaePrize, consider posting the following with an AlgaePrize photo, image, or video:

The U.S. Department of Energy Bioenergy Technologies Office #AlgaePrize competition is underway! This 18-month national competition challenges student teams to expand novel solutions to #algae production, processing, and new product development—all with the goal to lower the costs of producing algal #biofuels and #bioproducts. /eere/bioenergy/algaeprize-competition

Getting ready for the #AlgaePrize and reimagining the global future of #algae by developing real-world solutions to produce sustainable #biofuels, #biofoods, and #bioproducts. /eere/bioenergy/algaeprize-competition

Teamwork at its finest! Gearing up for the #AlgaePrize competition and working to save the planet one algal cell at a time! /eere/bioenergy/algaeprize-competition

The following post gets the event date and location on people’s radar:

MARK YOUR CALENDAR: The first #AlgaePrize Competition Event takes place in Golden, Colorado, April 14–16, 2023. Stay tuned to discover this year’s winners and learn about each project from our student team finalists! /eere/bioenergy/algaeprize-competition

The following post could be shared once AlgaePrize teams begin their projects:

Products made from #algae are a natural solution to the energy, food, economic, and climate challenges facing our world today. Algae have the power to simultaneously fuel our vehicles, recycle carbon dioxide, provide nutrition for animals and humans, and create jobs for millions of Americans. Our #AlgaePrize team has #AlgaeCuriousity. Do you? /eere/bioenergy/algaeprize-competition

When We Can Promote You

Email AlgaePrize@ee.doe.gov with the account names you would like us to follow. As a government-sponsored event, the AlgaePrize can only promote .gov, .org, and .edu websites on social media to avoid implicit endorsement of private companies. However, when we are mentioned directly in a post, we can see it and like, comment, or share when possible.

Learn More

To view the full competition details, visit the AlgaePrize Competition HeroX website.

For questions about the AlgaePrize, email AlgaePrize@ee.doe.gov.