A careful approach to selecting appropriate photos and images will create a unique, dynamic image for the U.S. Department of Energy AlgaePrize.

AlgaePrize Photographic Style and Guidelines

Develop your own photos and images based on the following criteria:

  • Showcase both microalgae and macroalgae in a variety of settings (e.g., the natural environment, the laboratory, under the microscope, etc.).
  • Capture genuine moments with people in actual events or campus settings.
  • Focus on moments of connection among students, judges, the public, and others.
  • Use real student competitors and teams.
  • Ensure that photos are visually or intellectually dynamic.
  • Ensure students are wearing appropriate safety protective equipment when working in a laboratory setting.

Note: Photos should avoid implied endorsements. Except for photos of AlgaePrize events and event elements that include the AlgaePrize and its sponsors’ logos, do not use photos that include clearly visible logos or branding of companies or their products.

AlgaePrize Photo and Image Library

Download and use the eye-catching photos and graphics below for outreach materials. Include proper credit of all AlgaePrize photos as follows: “Credit: [photographer name]/[photographer organization].”

AlgaePrize Photo Package

AlgaePrize Image Package (.zip)

National Renewable Energy Laboratory Algae Image Collection

AlgaePrize Video

Share this inspirational AlgaePrize video with your network and social media connections.

2022–2023 AlgaePrize Competition Video

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For questions about the AlgaePrize, email AlgaePrize@ee.doe.gov.