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I am very excited to announce our first ever bioenergy quiz—an online, interactive tool that’s both enlightening and entertaining! Interested in participating? Just click the link in the photo above and let the game begin.

Think you know the facts about renewable energy? Did you know that bioenergy displaces imported oil, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and creates clean energy jobs? Take this quiz and test your knowledge of bioenergy’s impact on our economy and environment! Share the quiz within your organization or school via social media, and see if you can outsmart your colleagues, friends, and family. Ensure that everyone knows the facts about bioenergy.

The bioenergy quiz is also an engaging educational tool for your classroom. Challenge your students to learn more by clicking on embedded definitions and following links to related resources. Through this quiz, everyone can learn about the important role bioenergy plays in our sustainable energy future, how it strengthens our energy security, and the ways in which it improves the health of our economy and environment.

Interested in reading more about bioenergy? Visit the Bioenergy Technologies Office website to learn more.