This report documents technologies that have been commercialized by the private sector and other partners—such as technology developers in startups, companies, and universities—in part because of R&D funding from EERE. The findings are based primarily on technology tracking performed by the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) for select EERE technology offices. PNNL has collected technology data for multiple EERE R&D offices since the late 1970s, using a unique approach that links technologies to specific EERE-funded projects. The report provides a snapshot of commercial technologies enabled by EERE with primary focus on the period 2009-2015 when data was collected for 6 of 9 EERE R&D offices, corresponding to sixty-two percent (62%) of EERE total R&D budget over the same period. The longer time period 1976-1999 includes only data from a single office.