The Advanced Manufacturing Office (AMO) sponsored a roundtable on Dynamic Catalyst Science hosted by the University of Houston in Houston, TX. AMO solicited input from the chemical industry, DOE National Laboratories, and academia on the R&D needs for dynamic catalyst science to enable a paradigm shift in the approach to catalyst development and chemical manufacturing, specifically, new tools and methodologies that can aid in the understanding of how catalysts can be designed to control chemical reactions more efficiently. The input gained from this event provided an understanding of the emerging technology landscape for catalysis science in the chemical manufacturing sector, and identified the most impactful opportunities for breakthrough R&D.

The workshop summary report, presentations and agenda are available below to view and download. Please direct any questions or comments you may have to Jeremy Leong (

Dynamic Catalyst Science Roundtable Summary Report

Dynamic Catalyst Science Roundtable_Agenda

1_Department of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering at the University of Houston_Grabow

2_AMO Overview and Programmatic Interests in Chemical Manufacturing: Challenges and Opportunities_Leong

3_Connecting Atomistic Modeling, Laboratory and Industrial Scales_Grabow

4_Structure/Kinetics of Complex, Industrial Catalysts_Fushimi

5_Extracting Knowledge for Industrial Catalysis through Machine Learning_Medford

6_Industry Perspective, R&D Challenges, Opportunities_Weissman