Energy Analysis, Data and Reports

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Manufacturers often rely on energy-intensive technologies and processes. AMO conducts a range of analyses to explore energy use and trends by sector.


Manufacturing Energy and Carbon Footprints (2014 MECS)
Manufacturing Energy and Carbon Footprints map energy supply, demand, loss and greenhouse gas combustion emissions by U.S. manufacturing sector.
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Static Manufacturing Energy Sankey Diagrams
The Manufacturing Energy Sankey diagrams illustrate the flow of energy in manufacturing. These diagrams visually complement the Manufacturing Energ...
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Dynamic Manufacturing energy Sankey Tool
The Energy Sankey Tool lets users explore and customize the display of manufacturing energy data for different sectors and save and export images.
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US Manufacturing Energy Use
The U.S. Manufacturing Energy Use and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Analysis ranks energy use and supply and greenhouse gas emissions for 15 sectors.
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Bandwidth Studies

Starting in 2013, AMO developed and refined a consistent methodology for bandwidth studies such that comparisons could be made across the manufacturing sector.  Energy Bandwidth Studies analyze energy use and the potential for energy savings in various processes for selected manufacturing sectors. The studies estimate potential energy savings by calculating differences among the typical energy consumption levels for a specific process and lower consumption levels based on the use of state of the art technology and technology currently under research and development. Bandwidth studies are available for the following sectors:

*This report was completed before the consistent bandwidth was developed and the methodology may vary.

Visit our Technical Partnerships page to learn about partner programs, software tools, training, technical publications, and other guidance to help with energy analysis of plant systems. For more sector-specific resources, see our Industries and Technologies page.