The Department of Energy (DOE) is seeking senior engineers and scientists to apply for the Director position at the new Advanced Materials and Manufacturing Technologies Office.

About the Position

  • Position / Grade: ES-00┬áSupervisory General Engineer/Physical Scientist
  • To apply to the director position, follow application instructions at the link below.
  • Location: Washington, DC
  • Position type: Permanent
  • Number of openings: 1
  • Telework Available: Yes

Major Duties:

  • Manage and direct the development, implementation, and evaluation of a national advanced materials and manufacturing technology (AMMT) program of investigation, development, demonstration, technical assistance, and dissemination.
  • Identify and integrate the scientific, engineering, and technical resources necessary to conduct a feasible and effective advanced materials and manufacturing technology research, development, and demonstration program.
  • Manage the transfer of new advanced materials and manufacturing technology to U.S. industries via public-private partnerships to which multiple parties contribute to the cycle of strategic input, technical concepts, funding and implementation of research and development projects, review, oversight, and feedback.
  • Provide industrial technologies, scientific, engineering, technical, and programmatic considerations for analysis and support of planning and policy development and provide policy and analytical support to senior management.
  • Manage the advanced materials and manufacturing technologies efforts performed by national research laboratories, universities, companies (for-profit and not-for non-profit), state/local governments, consortia and industry including critical peer review and feedback regarding technical and managerial objectives.
  • Direct analyses and reviews to ensure conformity of program execution within established policies and develop funding actions and program guidance to be issued to Field organizations and other recipients.
  • Identify and interpret legislative and regulatory requirements for advanced materials and manufacturing technologies and manages the implementation of activities that satisfy these needs.
  • Oversee the development and implementation of multi-year program plans and annual operating plans and manage the application of assigned resources to effectively achieve planned objectives.
  • Develop annual program budget requirements, approve, and manage the use and distribution of funds, and provide interpretive guidance to research performing organizations.
  • Interact with relevant Department of Energy (DOE) staff to identify those institutional or managerial requirements that may impact industrial technologies programmatic needs, identify the basic issues involved, and develop programmatic positions concerning these issues.
  • Integrate and coordinate activities with those of other Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) offices to meet national needs and program priorities.
  • Direct the development of responses to queries from DOE senior management, the White House, Office of Management and Budget, Government Accountability Office, and Congressional committees and subcommittees to assigned technologies.
  • Serve as a focus for U.S. participation in matters related to the international industrial technology's community including cooperative agreements, exchange of technical information, conferences, workshops, and summit meetings.
  • Maintain close contact and sensitivity to the technology base and decision-makers of U.S. industry to keep abreast of their accomplishments, capabilities, trends and needs, and be the focal point for governmental cognizance of the state of the U.S. industrial base with respect to advanced materials and industrial manufacturing technologies.
  • Manage a large multi-function staff. Apply and promote the Equal Employment Office (EEO) Program and Affirmative Action Plans; ensuring support for EEO and Affirmative Action policy is understood and followed by subordinates. In cooperation with other directors, supervisors, and team leaders, continuously seek ways to eliminate or reduce significant bottlenecks and barriers to production, promoting effective team relationships and improved business practices.