Learn about the diverse training sessions offered. The courses are taught by highly qualified instructors who have met rigorous standards. View additional compressed air system resources.

Compressed Air Systems Tools Training – 2-hour webcast

Availability: Online webcast

A two-hour webcast on the use of the Compressed Air Challenge (CAC®) Toolkit and the AIRMaster+ software tool is available that introduces the tools and presents the basics—and the benefits—of using them to target opportunities for energy savings in your plant.

Fundamentals of Compressed Air Systems – 1-day workshop

Availability: Onsite instructor-led and web edition (four, two-hour, live webinars make up the web edition training)

Find out how a compressed air system works and the benefits of optimal compressed air system performance. This initial class demonstrates how to compute the current cost of your plant's compressed air systems, how to measure and create a baseline of system performance, and how to determine the impact of different compressor control types. Learn basic approaches for cutting costs; identify steps for proper system operation, maintenance, and point-of-use accountability; and tailor a compressed air system management action plan for your plant. Learn more about Compressed Air Challenge Qualified Instructors.

See the Compressed Air Challenge Training for further information on upcoming in-person trainings and to access the web edition.

Advanced Management of Compressed Air Systems – 2-day workshop

Availability: Onsite instructor-led

Learn what data and tools are necessary to measure and assess the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of a compressed air system. This advanced course in compressed air system management teaches you to develop a system profile and address point-of-use issues, including determining actual air quality requirements, investigating and reducing highest point-of-use pressure requirements, and addressing high-volume intermittent applications. In addition, you will learn how to implement a compressed air system maintenance program, determine different compressor control strategies, align the supply-side to demand-side operation, and gain an understanding of the value of heat recovery. Participants will also gain knowledge on how to successfully present project proposals to management. Learn more about Compressed Air Challenge Qualified Instructors.

See the Compressed Air Challenge Training for further information on upcoming in-person trainings.

Course Instructors

The individuals identified below are able to teach in person courses in the Compressed Air area and around the AIRMaster+ software tool. They may be contacted directly if you have such interest. These instructors have met rigorous standards

Bessey, Ericeric.bessey@pneulogic.com503-718-0115OR
Moskowitz, Frankfmoskowitz@drawproservices.com480-563-0107AZ
Taranto, TomTomTar@aol.com315-753-0070NY

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