The 2022 Clean Energy Ministerial Energy Management Leadership Awards competition is open! Any facility or organization holding a current ISO 50001 certificate from an accredited body is encouraged to enter. Learn more and apply by June 2, 2022. Early submissions by May 19 are strongly encouraged.

The JW Marriott in Washington, DC, is one of four companies worldwide to receive the 2021 Award of Excellence in Energy Management, a top distinction in the Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM) forum’s Energy Management Leadership Awards. The JW Marriott is a long-time participant in the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Superior Energy Performance 50001 (SEP 50001™) program. Five other organizations that participate in DOE’s energy management programs are among 28 recipients of the Energy Management Insight Awards:

  • 3M, an SEP 50001 and a Better Plants partner
    • Achieved 4.10% 5-year improvement in energy performance, saving over $12,000,000 in energy costs
  • AstraZeneca (Gaithersburg, Maryland, campus), an SEP 50001 and a Better Plants partner
    • Achieved 27.5% 10-year improvement in energy performance, saving over $4,000,000 in energy costs
  • Des Moines Water Works, an SEP 50001 and a Better Plants partner
    • Achieved 10.2% 4-year improvement in energy performance, saving over $800,000 in energy costs
  • Iron Mountain Data Center, a Better Buildings Challenge partner
    • Achieved 6% 5-year improvement in energy performance
  • Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, recognized for attaining 50001 Ready
    • Achieved 26% 5.5 year improvement in energy performance, saving over $2,000,000 in energy costs

CEM is a partnership of the world’s key economies working together to accelerate the global clean energy transition. Fundamental to the vision of a low- or no-carbon future is energy management, which saves energy and reduces emissions. CEM has undertaken more than a decade of collaboration to spur widescale adoption of ISO 50001, the international energy management standard, with strategic leadership and funding contributions from DOE. A key CEM initiative is the annual Energy Management Leadership Awards, which recognize organizations that have implemented energy management systems and become ISO 50001-certified, demonstrating business value through the resulting energy, economic, and sustainability benefits. To enter the competition, each organization submits a structured case study describing its energy management experience and the ensuing advantages. An independent panel of acclaimed international experts evaluates the case studies and identifies outstanding entries to receive the prestigious Award of Excellence.

The JW Marriott was honored with this top award after their successful ISO 50001 implementation approach, resulting business benefits, and lessons learned (review the JW Marriot Case Study). Marriott International has established sustainability goals that include reducing carbon intensity by 30% by 2025, and the JW Marriott sets its own annual energy reduction goals to achieve long-term targets. To ensure success, the DC location established an ISO 50001 energy management system to gauge energy use, make adjustments, and track their progress. Management also appointed a hotel energy team including representatives from all major departments, ensuring a holistic and inclusive approach that has saved over 9,500 gigajoules of energy and $221,551 of energy costs over three years.

The Insight Awards are conferred on all other qualifying entrants that submit case studies describing their experience establishing ISO 50001 energy management systems. These studies have become the backbone of a CEM library that provides global insight on the benefits of these undertakings, as well as guidance for organizations in the early stages of implementation. The full list of 2021 awardees, along with links to their case studies, is available on the CEM website.

Of the 2021 award recipients from the United States, four hold SEP 50001 program certification, one attained 50001 Ready recognition, and three take part in the Better Plants program. DOE’s Advanced Manufacturing Office offers these technical partnership programs to support and encourage adoption of ISO 50001. DOE’s SEP 50001 provides a robust measurement and verification protocol to support third-party verification of energy performance improvements, and DOE’s 50001 Ready program helps organizations get on the road to sustained energy savings. Both programs support the Better Plants initiative with materials, tools, and training to help partners achieve their energy efficiency targets. The Better Buildings Challenge is a DOE-wide program in which organizations commit to improving the energy efficiency of their portfolio of buildings by at least 20% over 10 years.

Insight Award recipient 3M previously won the top award in 2019. 3M has continued to make strides in raising awareness on best practices and benefits of energy management.

About ISO 50001

The ISO 50001 standard is a cost-effective framework that enables organizations to take control of their energy use and continually reduce costs and emissions. Regardless of an organization’s size or sector, this framework helps maintain and build energy and cost savings year after year. ISO 50001 is a product of international collaboration of more than 50 countries, drawing on best practices that have led to impressive savings. The standard is proven to be business-friendly, globally relevant, and transformational, as it embeds energy saving practices in any organization and provides a global benchmark for clean energy action.