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50001 Ready Program

The U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) 50001 Ready program is a self-guided approach for facilities to establish an energy management system and self-attest to the structure of ISO 50001, a voluntary global standard for energy management systems in industrial, commercial, and institutional facilities.

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Only three steps are needed to earn 50001 Ready recognition:

  1. Complete the 25 tasks in the 50001 Ready Navigator
    Follow the guidance and track your progress through four topic areas (Planning, Energy Review, Continual Improvement, and System Management) in the 50001 Ready Navigator, an online guide provided by DOE. All guidance in the Navigator will be maintained by DOE to ensure alignment with ISO 50001, so that you can receive the 50001 Ready designation or pursue ISO 50001 or Superior Energy Performance (SEP) certification.
  2. Self-attest to their completion
    Have your energy management team lead and a senior management representative sign a simple self-attestation form to confirm the establishment of an energy management system once all tasks in the 50001 Ready Navigator have been completed.
  3. Measure and improve energy performance over time
    For initial 50001 Ready recognition, organizations must report facility-level energy consumption for operations included in their 50001 Ready EnMS. In subsequent years, organizations must demonstrate continued performance improvement. Energy performance may be calculated and reported through DOE’s Energy Performance Indicator Tool Lite (EnPI Lite), the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) Portfolio Manager, or other utility program energy performance calculators.

The 50001 Ready program offers a no-cost way to receive recognition for establishing a business practice around energy. No matter how large or small your organization, implementing a structured energy management system can be a key step to:

  • Cutting operational costs
  • Achieving continual operational improvement
  • Improving risk management
  • Staying competitive in the marketplace

For more information about the 50001 Ready program, contact Pete Langlois at pete.langlois@ee.doe.gov.

Support for Utilities and Public Benefits Administrators

In support of utilities and public benefits administrators (PBAs), the 50001 Ready program offers:

  1. A self-paced approach to implement an energy management system without formal certification
  2. Guidance to identify facility-wide energy use and to develop action plans around energy performance improvements
  3. Utility and DOE recognition for self-attested achievement, without external audits

By partnering with the 50001 Ready program, utilities and PBAs can improve customer engagement and expand energy efficiency program offerings by providing a systematic approach to energy management that does not impose any costs or risks associated with audits or certification.

The 50001 Ready program is designed to complement any existing utility or PBA program. All resources provided by the program are open-source so they can be fully re-branded and owned by utilities or PBAs that wish to adopt the 50001 Ready Navigator or run their own versions of the program.

For more information on utility and PBA engagement, contact Sandy Glatt at sandy.glatt@ee.doe.gov.

Tools and Resources

50001 Ready Navigator
The 50001 Ready Navigator is an online dashboard that provides step-by-step guidance to implementing and maintaining an energy management system in conformance with the principles of ISO 50001. Users can submit their facilities for 50001 Ready recognition directly through the Navigator. The 50001 Ready Navigator is built on open-source standards and designed for flexibility to allow for re-branding and customization by utilities and other organizations.

Energy Performance Indicator Tool Lite (EnPI Lite)
EnPI Lite is a companion calculator to 50001 Ready Navigator, and enables regression-based energy performance modeling for facilities. EnPI Lite is web-based and maintained by the DOE. The 50001 Ready program also accepts energy performance improvement data from other readily available tools including EPA’s Portfolio Manager, and can be adjusted to work with utility program energy performance improvement calculators.

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