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The Shelby car with two men inside.
"He said he’d get in if he could drive."

It’s been hard to miss in the media and on its almost non-stop road tour, but AMO wanted you to know that our 3D-printed EV version of the 50th anniversary Shelby Cobra just left the Forrestal building lobby after visiting for two weeks. Secretary Moniz dropped in for a quick tour around the car with Mark Johnson, AMO’s director, and David Danielson, EERE’s Assistant Secretary on Tuesday, April 7.

But it seems that quick peek wasn’t enough for the Secretary and on Friday, April 17, as the car was being prepared for transport back home to the Manufacturing Demonstration Facility (MDF) at Oak Ridge National Lab, AMO Deputy Director Rob Ivester invited the Secretary to take a quick spin in DOE’s back parking lot.

Behind all the smiles, speed and sparkle, this automotive icon, turned "laboratory-on-wheels," was the result of an incredible amount of hard work by the Shelby Cobra partnership team. AMO sends congratulations to the ambitious MDF engineers, Cincinnati Incorporated for the Big Area Additive Manufacturing (BAAM) system, Techmer for the development of the thermoplastic ABS resin/carbon fiber composite, and TruDesign for a Class-A quality surface finish application process.

Read the Danielson/Johnson EERE blog post, watch the new Cincinnati Incorporated video, and learn more about the Advanced Manufacturing Office.