Notable accomplishments in FY 2013:

  • Investments in energy transformation have resulted in
    • testing of greenhouse gas storage,
    • the first grid-connected offshore wind prototype,
    • cost competitive advances in cellulosic ethanol,
    • the first commercial geothermal system to deliver power to the electric grid,
    • improved efficiency and cyber security for the electric grid,
    • new appliance efficiency standards, 
    • the first full-scale nuclear reactor simulation. 
  • Basic research in the science field yielded several results, such as:
    • the discovery of a powerful new microbe,
    • major improvements to organic electronics,
    • high-resolution molecular images,
    • 3D printed batteries, 
    • improved efficiency in thermoelectric devices. 
  • National security accomplishments include the elimination of highly enriched uranium from several foreign countries, the removal of a radiological device from a university, and a new method for analyzing airborne radiological data. 
  • Investments in environmental management achieved great progress in remediation of contamination of several post Cold-War sites.

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