To provide the leadership, resources, and expertise necessary for the department to accomplish its mission.

OCFO delivers timely, accurate, and reliable decision support across the DOE enterprise, thus assuring the effective management and financial integrity of DOE programs, activities, and resources. OCFO develops, implements, and monitors Department-wide plans, policies, procedures, and systems in the areas of budget administration and appropriations, program analysis and evaluation, finance and accounting, internal controls, corporate financial systems, and strategic planning.

The CFO primary functions include:

  • Serve as the principal advisor to the Secretary and other Departmental officials on matters relating to the Department's financial resources.
  • Provide for and assure the financial integrity, formulation, execution, and analysis of the Department's annual and multi-year budget.
  • Develop and maintain an integrated agency-wide financial accounting system, including systems for cash management, credit management, and debt collection, with appropriate financial reporting and internal controls.
  • Provide for consolidated finance and accounting services.
  • Plan and perform Department-wide reviews to determine compliance with the requirements of the Federal Managers' Financial Integrity Act and Departmental accounting and financial policy.
  • Provide required reports which include a description and analysis of the status of financial management in the Department, annual financial statements, audit reports, and internal accounting and administrative controls systems.
  • Manage Departmental payroll services and, as appropriate, cross-servicing to other Federal Agencies.
  • Plan for and develop the Department of Energy Strategic Plan.
  • Serve as liaison to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and to the Congressional Appropriations Committees for all matters related to the Departmental budget.
  • Provide oversight and guidance to Field Offices on financial management activities.
  • Budget for and maintain the Department of Energy Working Capital Fund.
  • Review and make recommendations on Mission Need Statements (Critical Decision-0) for proposed acquisition of new capital assets.
  • Develop program performance measures, manage the Department's performance tracking system, and serve as the Department's principal advocate for improved performance management.