Energy is an enabling resource. It enables us to do things at a scale that was once impossible: empowering medical workers to heal the sick, first responders to protect the vulnerable, and all of us to communicate across the nation. 
During the current global health crisis, the hardworking Americans of the energy sector continue to deliver power to our homes and essential businesses. They are working overtime defending critical IT and OT infrastructure, spending the extra time necessary for health precautions before making repairs, and sheltering in place at power plants to keep energy delivery reliable.
The Department of Energy's Office of Cybersecurity, Energy Security, and Emergency Response would like to express its appreciation for the essential workforce. From the energy workers who continue to support energy delivery to the essential personnel who use that energy to heal us, protect us, and propel the country back to normalcy, we’re seeing the power of the American spirit shine at its brightest. For all the foundations of our way of life–healthcare, agriculture, food retail, transportation, telecommunications, and more—energy and those who put it to good use are the common enabling factors. They’ve powered us through the challenges we’ve faced before and are doing so again as we face a new and unusual enemy.
Thanks for your hard work. Let's continue #PoweringThruTogether.