Bureau or Account: Cybersecurity, energy security, and emergency response

Funding amount: $50,000,000

Period of Availability: Available until expended

Funding Mechanism: National Laboratory Funding

New Program: Yes

Recipients: Small Electric Utilities, National Labs

Description: To support a program to build energy sector operational support for cyber resilience.

Eligible Uses: 

Enhance and periodically test--
o the emergency response capabilities of the Department; and
o the coordination of the Department with other agencies, the National
Laboratories, and private industry;
• Expand cooperation of the Department with the intelligence community for
energy sector-related threat collection and analysis;
• Enhance the tools of the Department and Electricity Information Sharing and
Analysis Center for monitoring the status of the energy sector;
• Expand industry participation in Electricity Information Sharing and Analysis
Center; and
• Provide technical assistance to small electric utilities for purposes of assessing
and improving cyber maturity levels and addressing gaps identified in the

Next Milestone: TBD