The U.S. industrial sector accounts for approximately one-third of the overall energy consumption and associated carbon emissions in the U.S.  About four-fifths of end-use industrial energy is consumed by the manufacturing sub-sector, which produces goods ranging from fundamental commodities to sophisticated final-use products.  Many of these products have a significant energy and carbon footprint beyond the manufacturing phase, necessitating a broader systems perspective to characterize the full opportunity space impacted by technologies.  The Chapter 8 systems approach includes advanced manufacturing technologies that have the potential to provide a competitive advantage over the practices widely in use, as well as clean energy technologies that have the potential to reduce the environmental impact associated with the making, use, and end-of-life of manufactured products. 

A wide array of process technologies and manufacturing operations are used to convert raw materials into manufactured goods, and energy savings opportunities can be realized throughout the product life cycle. DOE has undertaken a number of Technology Assessments to help understand and quantify the current challenges and future opportunities.  These Assessments consider the potential for energy savings from the implementation of state-of-the-art processes and best practices in cross-cutting technologies, as well as the opportunities that can result from the innovation, development, and implementation of next-generation technologies.

Chapter 8 will describe the systems approach and the Technology Assessments, addressing significant opportunities in the following areas:

• Reducing energy intensity and improving performance through deployment of known technologies in existing manufacturing facilities;
• Developing improved materials and processes with research, development, demonstration, and deployment RD&D; and 
• Innovating new classes of transformative products, including those based on clean energy technologies.

Clearly identifying where and when there is an appropriate public value and public role is essential.

Webinar and Input Process
The webinar on February 11th provided an overview on the outline, approach, and content for Chapter 8 – Industry & Manufacturing of the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Quadrennial Technology Review (QTR), and the method for comments and input for the Technology Assessments supporting the chapter.

The comment period, which will run through Tuesday, February 24, provides an opportunity for stakeholders and experts to provide input for DOE to consider as the Department gathers facts and information for candidate areas of RD&D of industrial and manufacturing technologies in the United States. For those who were unable to attend the webinar, the presentation and webinar recording are provided below.

Technology Assessments for Review
The 14 Technology Assessments available for review are available for download below (or will be coming soon). Please use the comment form provided and follow the instructions listed in the document to submit your feedback. Please send the comment form no later than February 24 to

[NOTE: The deadline given in the webinar recording is incorrect. The deadline has been extended through February 24.]

Documents Available for Download