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Ann Madison Supervisory Program Analyst

Service Branch:  Army

Years of Service: 21 years

Would you like to share any details of your military history, awards you may have received or other accomplishments?

 I was selected as the first female to receive the Service member of the Year award in 1996, while assigned to Special Operations Command (SOCOM)—in its 10 year history.

Please take a moment to reflect on your thoughts when considering your service uniform.  What does your service uniform represent to you?

My uniform service represents structure, teamwork, organization and good leadership.

Teamwork is essential across many contexts in life.  Please share how your service in the military cultivated an appreciation for the value of teamwork.  Do you draw from these experiences, or what similarities exist, when working within teams at the DOE?

I enjoyed the one team concept when I was in the military because it created a safe place for anyone to not worry if he/she would fall short---the team worked together to accomplish the mission.  This holds true for my team concept in DOE, if a member is out of pocket, the team rally together to get the work done where the customer is no wiser that one member is not available.

Military service can have a profound and lasting impact on those who serve. Your perspective is unique in having seen both the military and the civilian sides of service.  What story could you share of service before self? 

In my military career, it was soldier first mission second.  I believed in that motto because without fully trained soldiers, the mission couldn’t be accomplished.  I spend spent time developing my soldiers whereas they looked to me as an example to follow and emulate, through my leadership.

What inspired your interest the agency, and how did your prior service prepare you to join the DOE’s workforce?

Unfortunately, I wasn’t familiar with DOE before I joined the agency, but with my 17 years of contracting and federal service, I have learn more than my share, working for Defense Nonproliferation.  I like the mission but what I like more is being about to support the people who carries out the mission, in my capacity as the Senior Administrative Officer---providing support in a variety of areas, especially personnel.

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