The GTT developed a draft vision (below) which describes a future electricity system and lists several key attributes of that system.  In its current form, this vision incorporates comments made by stakeholders during meetings organized by the GTT.  The vision will continue to evolve and be refined as the GTT engages with the broader stakeholder community.

Vision of the Future Grid

A seamless, cost-effective electricity system, from generation to end-use, capable of meeting all clean energy demands and capacity requirements, with:

  • Significant scale-up of clean energy (renewables, natural gas, nuclear, clean fossil)
  • Universal access to consumer participation and choice (including distributed generation, demand-side management, electrification of transportation, and energy efficiency)
  • Holistically designed solutions (including regional diversity, AC-DC transmission and distribution solutions, microgrids, energy storage, and centralized-decentralized control)
  • Two-way flows of energy and information
  • Reliability, security (cyber and physical), and resiliency

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